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Bring your kiddo's favorite zoo animals to life with Talkin’ Tees. Explore the collection of ultrasoft, 100% organic cotton tees. Simply tap your phone to the tee’s Wonder Patch to unlock two educational, original tunes.

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See the Magic in Action

The Wonder Patch

Enter the world of wonder by simply tapping a phone to the tee’s Wonder Patch! The character on your Talkin’ Tee will come to life on your device to get your kids groovin’.

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  • Quality Your Kiddo Deserves

    Comfort creates space for imagination. Talkin’ Tees are made from soft-as-a-cloud, earth-friendly organic cotton, ensuring the utmost comfort for kiddos. Did we mention all of our products are proudly sewn by some of the best seamstresses in the USA? Now we are talkin’.

  • Get to Know the Stars of the Show 

    Meet the original characters featured on the collection of Talkin’ Tees. Popsicle Penguin, Ali Gator, Kiki Koala, and Gerry Giraffe can’t wait to move and groove with your family! Popsicle will guide your kiddo through each tune.

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The Experts are Talkin’

What a great find! These Talkin’ Tees spark conversation and language growth in kids by making learning a whole lot of fun.

Matt M.
Speech Therapist

Talkin’ Tees are a brilliant tool for early education, turning everyday moments into fun, interactive lessons that nurture young minds.

Lauren B.
Early Educator

Talkin' Tees is a fun and engaging way to watch your child progress crucial cognitive developmental milestones