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How It Works

Simply tap a phone to the tee’s Wonder Patch to enter the world of wonder!

  1. Tap: Touch your phone to the Wonder Patch on the bottom seam of your Talkin’ Tee. No special app is required! For most devices, tapping the top of your phone to the center of the patch works best. Android user? Simply enable your tap and go settings.
  2. Play: It’s showtime! The prompt on your phone leads you to your tee’s two original tunes. Select the tune you want to play!
  3. Groove: Sing, dance, and learn with your pals!

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The Experts Are Talkin’

Talkin’ Tees is a fun and engaging way to watch your child progress through crucial cognitive developmental milestones.

Heather Y.
Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse

Talkin’ Tees creates multiple learning moments with their fun and creative content, which is critical for developing long lasting neurological pathways that will help kids throughout their life.

David L.

Talkin’ Tees are a brilliant tool for early education, turning everyday moments into fun, interactive lessons that nurture young minds.

Lauren B.
Early Educator

What a great find! These Talkin’ Tees spark conversation and language growth in kids by making learning a whole lot of fun.

Matt M.
Speech Therapist

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